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explo(r|it)er. truth-teller; reputable fabulist.


aka Jason Watson

aka Manheim


I do my best work when exploring complex ideas, clarifying complicated systems, and getting my hands dirty. Preferably, in conscious face-to-face collaboration with others who are committed to the good, the true, and the beautiful.

Where I've been

Over the years, I have explored many domains as a software designer, web developer, product strategist, information architect, writer, fitness trainer, line cook, theatre projectionist, rare coin and diamond merchant, amateur horticulturist, glassblower, and postal worker.

  • In 2009, I created a recipe blog to learn SEO. Its success landed me a multi-book deal that has since produced a national bestseller, seven translations, and sold over 300,000 copies.
  • From 2010 to 2015, I designed and developed over 100 websites for small to medium-sized businesses under the brand, Designpx.
  • From 2014 to 2020, I was part of the core leadership team (CTO) at GMB Fitness. Leading product development and improving team cohesion systems and practices across the company.
  • From 2020 to 2022, I took a work hiatus to pursue unencumbered thinking, reading, and other philosophical, spiritual, and embodied practices.
  • In 2023, I joined the The Vervaeke Foundation to help launch their series of websites.

Where I am now

Beginning in 2024, I began building Exploriter in earnest. A symbolic portmanteau for a creative endeavor comprised of loosely related ideas, interests, and collaborations. Some of which have long lingered in my mind and heart and since they refuse to leave, I must pursue them.

  1. exp/daily — A learning companion and library, centered around mindful incremental development and minimum daily practice.
  2. Exploriter Studio — a highly selective web design and development studio and successor to Designpx. Focussed on clarity, for discerning clientele, and an homage to simple HTML, CSS, and JS.
  3. Walking Games — a walking co-(ad)venture.

I am currently invested in (and investigating) various projects, DAOs, NFTs, and tokens in the Bitcoin and Ethereum ecosystems.

I maintain a diverse movement practice that includes kettlebell training, rope flow, stability ball, elements of qigong, bodyweight floor movements, breathwork, and all the fresh air, sunshine, and grounding I can get.

Where I'm going

I am most interested in the (psycho)technologies that are integral to the creation, propogation, and education of the kinds of practices that address, at a fundamental level, various personal, relational, and civilizational challenges (i.e., crises of meaning, belonging, reality, globalization, addiction, information, education, etc.). The kinds of things that guide and help maintain the right relationship between the physical, the virtual, and the spiritual.

I am seeking projects that promote the cultivation of wisdom, are inherently imbued with meaning, and allow minds and bodies to effectively and playfully convene to live more fully and create more virtuously.

Where I fit in

I thrive in the communal and active part of the ideation process—the work that brings clarity to an idea—and the expansion, enhancement, and attention to detail necessary once something is active in the real world.

I am quite indifferent to hierarchical, positions-based organizational structures and prefer a more horizontal, role-based approach for most endeavors, especially where technology and shifting contexts are concerned.

Ideally, the team I work with is on the smaller side and has a deep understanding, or at least awareness, of how group organizational archetypes (consensus, meritocracy, democracy) work together as a counterbalancing decision-making process for coherent and sustainable small group dynamics.

I am an ardent supporter of The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership and expect a commensurate level of maturity among the teams and organizations I am a part of.

In general, I am looking to do meaningful work that affords wholesomeness and evokes the pioneering spirit of adventure.

Please get in touch if this resonates.



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